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“Ben, your T-shirt is back to front”, Mum called out when Ben came downstairs.

“That’s how you wear T-shirts in my world,” Ben said.

“In your world?”

Ben nodded.

“Where is that?” Mum asked.

“Come, I’ll show you.” Ben took Mum by the hand and pulled her up the stairs to his room. He made her climb up the ladder to his bunk bed. “Here we are. This is my world.”

Mum looked around.

“Do you like my castle?”

Mum smiled, “It’s very nice—

“Do you see those banners? I won them when I fought against all the other knights. I am a hero in my world, did you know?”

Mum shook her head.

“Do you want to see my rocket? We could go to the moon.”

“I would love that. I’ve never been to the moon.”

Ben pulled her to the other side of the bed. He showed her all the buttons and the steering wheel.
Mum was very impressed.

“Let’s be off then”, Ben said and started the rocket. In no time at all they were on the moon. Ben helped Mum out of the rocket and they took a walk on the moon.

“Do you like it on the moon?” Ben asked her.

Mum nodded.

“Well, there is not much to see, just lots of cheese. Let’s go back to my world and I show you my dungeon.” [..]

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