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Christmas Magic

Ben coloured in the last present, then he signed the letter. “Father Christmas will like this,” he smiled.
Ben ran down the stairs to show Mum his letter.

“It’s beautiful”, Mum said.

“It took a lot of hard work”, Ben told her. “Can we post it now, please?”

“We have to put it in an envelope first, and write Father Christmas’s address on it,” Mum explained.

“Oh right, I’ll get an envelope”, Ben told Mum and rushed off to find one. He knew they were in the little drawer where Mum kept all her writing things.

Together they carefully folded the letter and put it in the envelope. Mum told Ben the address and he wrote it on the envelope.

“Now put your name and address on the back, so Father Christmas knows where to find us.”

Ben did it quickly. “Ready,” he shouted. “Let’s go and post it or it won’t get there in time. I don’t want to be the only child that doesn’t get a single Christmas present!”

Mum laughed. “Don’t worry, it will get there.”

Ben made a face. “Hurry up, Mum, I want to make sure it does.”

They got their coats and walked to the post box. Ben hopped excitedly from one foot to the other, making sure he would not stand on any cracks. That would be bad luck.

When the letter was posted they got some chocolate hearts and other goodies from the Deli for tea. Then, Mum went to sort out the washing and Ben got a book and snuggled up on the sofa.

He could not stop thinking about Christmas. He was so excited. Ben decided to do a Christmas picture. He got his pens and paper and began drawing. He drew Father Christmas standing in front of the fireplace filling up a stocking.

Suddenly a thought struck him, ‘Is the chimney clear for Father Christmas to slide down?’ Ben went to check.

“Oh no!” he said aloud. He could not see the sky when he looked up. ‘The chimney must be blocked,’ he thought. He went to check the fireplace in his parent’s bedroom and then the one in his own room.

“Oh dear! They’re all blocked,” he said to himself. “What am I to do? I won’t get any presents at all, if Father Christmas can’t get in.”

Ben snuggled up with Bear on the sofa to think. He thought long and hard, then he went to look for his toolbox.

“Bang!”, he shouted and whacked the inside of the fireplace. He got his torch, and checked if the chimney was clear now. It was not. Ben banged it again. He checked. “Not even a little dent!”, he sighed. “This wooden hammer is just not strong enough.”

Ben went to the cupboard under the stairs and looked for his dad’s toolbox. “There you are!” he said when he found his dad’s big hammer.

He went back to the fireplace and was just about to strike again, when Mum came into the room.

“What are you doing with Dad’s hammer in the fireplace?” Mum gasped.

“Making sure Father Christmas can get in!”


“Well, all the chimneys are blocked. So how is Father Christmas going to get in?” Ben said.

“Oh,” Mum sighed. “I see what you mean.”

“Well, how is he going to get in then?” Ben asked her again.

“He’s got a special magic. Christmas Magic,” Mum explained.

“He can get through a blocked chimney? With magic?” Ben asked. [..]

Copyright, Sybille Sterk 2002 - 2004
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