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Ben woke up with a scream. It had been a close shave. This time the monsters had almost got him! He scrambled out off his bed and went to his parent’s bedroom.

His mum was not very happy when he woke her up. “Not again!”, she whispered.

Ben nodded, “The monsters almost got me this time...”

“What you need is a Snuffler”, his mum told him, when he snuggled up to her under the duvet.

“What’s that?”, Ben asked.

“You don’t know?”

Ben shook his head.

“He’s a very special, magical creature...”

“What’s so special about him?”, Ben asked.

“He eats monsters for breakfast, lunch and dinner, of course!”, his mum replied.

“How can I get one?”

“Well, since he is magical, you’ll have to call him with a spell.”


“You have to wish for him as hard as ever you can, three nights in a row; and then on the third night

you’ll have to say the magic words, and he’ll be there.”

“Hmm”, Ben said, “What does he look like? I can’t wish for him if I don’t know what he looks like.”

“He looks like whatever you want him to. I tell you what, when you come home from school today you can draw a picture of him.”

Ben thought that this was a great idea. All day at school he was really excited. He just wanted to go home, so he could draw his Snuffler. Finally, it was hometime.

His mum had put pencils and paper on the table, ready for him to start drawing. Ben sat on the chair with a biscuit in one hand, the pen in the other, and the paper in front of him.

“Mummy, how should I draw him?”, Ben asked.

“Think about it. He needs some eyes, so he can see the monsters, a nose to smell them and ears to hear them. And, of course, a big, big mouth to eat them”, his mum explained.

“He’ll need huge hands to grab them, too, and feet so he can run after them, to catch them.”

His mum nodded, “Now you’ve got the idea.” [...]

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